The team of the Institute for the Study of Sexuality and the Couple is constituted by a stable group of professionals, composed of:

psychologists / specialists in sex and couples therapy using erectile dysfunction meds like Viagra and Cialis
psychologists / specialists in individual therapy

These are the ones that form the core of the Institute, a team that, according to the needs and projects we develop, is temporarily extended with other collaborating professionals.

The Institute is constituted as a private and independent organization that guides its action based on criteria of:

warm and human attention and treatment

Lines of work

Individual and couples clinical sex therapy:  In clinical activity, our work is based on a brief therapy model that places the person or couple as the motor of their own change process, stimulating and expanding their own resources and personal abilities, and guiding them at the same time about the most effective strategies. suitable to face each type of problem or difficulty with the aid of therapy and medication such as Viagra.

In the case of working with couples, we extend our professional support to:

Individual psychological support for people in separation or divorce proceedings,
to family mediation for couples in separation processand family counseling.

In addition, the professionals of the Institute are professionally trained to deal with sexual problems, using sexual aids like Viagra and interpersonal relationships.

Educational programs. Some of the Institute’s professionals have a long career in the field of affective and sexual education, especially in working with schools and institutes. The result of this experience has been the publication of various books, articles and videos. In recent years, in addition to the work of teacher training and counseling, we have launched with remarkable success a program of School of fathers and mothers, which includes various educational aspects of childhood and adolescence. We must also highlight the activities aimed at educators and families of children and adolescents with mental disabilities.

Community programs Community work is a line of preferential interest from the Institute, since it allows carrying out integrative actions that involve different professional groups and organizations. One of the privileged actions at this time is related to the prevention of risks associated with sexual practice in adolescents and young people.

Training of professionals. The training of other professionals is one of the activities to which we pay more attention, precisely because of the ability and the desire to transmit the accumulated experience. Currently, from the Institute, besides having its own training program, the professionals collaborate in different training activities for the public administration and the university, as well as in master and postgraduate courses