From the Institute we propose to educational centers, associations, town councils and other organizations the possibility of carrying out Workshops on sexuality, affectivity and risk prevention, aimed at ESO, Bachillerato and Formation Cycles students.

These workshops aim to provide information, guidance and resources so that adolescents, through enjoyable and participatory activities that promote reflection and discussion, can have elements that help them in responsible decision-making and prevent the risks associated with the practice sexual.

To contract these workshops you can call: 932 155 883 or write to:


1st ESO: Grow. The entry into adolescence

Description: Informative workshop focused on the corporal, psychological and relational changes that come with adolescence, with special emphasis on some aspects related to sexuality and emotions. In the workshop, a greater understanding of what entry into adolescence implies is promoted, both from a physical, as well as a psychic and relational point of view, helping to develop a positive attitude towards one’s own body, to promote self-acceptance and self-esteem and placing the role that sexuality will have from this stage of life.

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2nd ESO: Sexuality and affectivity

Description: Informative workshop focused on working the dimensions of sexuality (reproductive, affective and relational …), some expressions of sexuality: from autoerotism to sexual orientation, and the first sexual relations. The workshop promotes a greater understanding of what sexuality involves in a person’s life, and helps to understand some characteristics of human sexual behavior, and understand how they are linked to the personal affective world, helping students to value and be Critics with the conditions must be given to decide to have sex.

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3rd ESO: Role play: It could happen to you

Description: This workshop consists of a role-playing game that simulates a specific situation in which some 20,000 teenagers are located each year throughout Spain. The aim of the workshop is that, by means of a simulation in which the whole group participates, the students become aware of how they would be affected, from different characters, and therefore from different points of view, that the situation in question involved them. . The workshop helps participants to be both involved and critical observers, and therefore, once the consequences of the situation have been analyzed, the means to avoid meeting can be found.

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3rd ESO: Prevention of sexually transmitted infections and HIV

Description: Participatory workshop on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. The workshop is based on three axes: 1) What do we know about STIs? 2) How to detect and how to prevent a contagion? 3) How to act (and how not) if we have become infected? The development of the workshop is based on the adolescents’ previous knowledge on the subject, proposing guidelines and guidelines on those aspects in which there are doubts or misconceptions. The workshop is essentially participatory and dynamic.

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4th ESO: Sexuality, personal responsibility and risk prevention

Description: Workshop on the main factors that favor a positive experience of sexuality, while affecting the reduction of associated risks. The content of the workshop is based on 4 aspects: a) generating a reflection on the characteristics of a healthy and rewarding sexuality, b) in making a critical assessment of the main problems or difficulties that may occur in adolescence, and c) strengthening the ability to decide individually whether they want to have sex or not, when they want to have sex, and what measures should be taken to avoid possible risks. The workshop also includes) references to resources to go to in case of problems.