Consult Online-1 The Institute’s team of professionals offers an online viagra & cialis counseling service to all those people who want to make certain queries related to their sexuality or their relationships, but for various reasons can not or do not want to go personally.

It must be said that not all the sexual health consultations that come to us need ongoing therapy, but in some cases, with good guidance and the necessary information there is enough to start, or provisionally, the path that allows the improvement of some problems or difficulties. It is also true that sometimes we are made demands that are related to questions or specific questions that rarely require more than one working session, they are often informative sessions.

It is precisely to facilitate this type of consultations that this service opens.

Service features

This service is anonymous, therefore the identification of who raises each case is not required. Simply ask for three initials to identify bank transfers.

Online Viagra and Online Cialis consultaion

This service is exclusively for people over 18 years of age.

This service scrupulously respects the deontological recommendations and criteria recommended by the Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia.

The consultations carried out are received by a single professional who centralizes them and who, based on the type of consultation, is responsible for the most appropriate professional response. The list and resumes of the professionals can be seen in Who we are. All professionals have the necessary qualifications and are registered.

This service is designed for specific queries that require a maximum of one or two emails. It is not intended to make a continued therapy, because we believe that therapy as a process, has some basic requirements that prevent doing it through this medium.

The answers to the queries will only be sent to the sender of the email, as a security measure.

This is a payment service. The cost of a consultation is 45 euros, which is equivalent to a minimum of one hour of time of one of the psychologists of the Institute, which is what it takes to analyze the case, document or consult with other professionals if necessary (gynecologist , urologist, physiotherapist …), write the answer, propose a strategy, as well as propose some reading or complementary documentation.

Basic data that help us understand the problem

Personal data: Indicate, generically, age, age of the couple, professions, population where they reside, marital status, years of cohabitation, number of children, sex and age. Also other data that you consider relevant.

Description of the problem: Describe in detail the characteristics of the problem, when it started, people involved, if there are times when it does not occur, feelings associated with the problem …

Other queries: indicate if you have consulted this problem with other professionals and what they have proposed or recommended.

Solutions attempted: Indicate what you have tried to do to solve this situation or problem.

Health status: Indicate if you have any disease to highlight or if you are taking any medication and what it is for.

Specific questions: indicate some specific questions about which you would like to obtain a specific answer.

If it helps you, you can use this Word document that you can then send us as an attachment in an email.

Way to pay

Fill in and send the form or an email with the description of the problem or query.
This email may be anonymous, but we ask that it be signed with three initials to link it to the bank deposit of the query.
Then it is necessary to make the deposit or transfer for the amount of 45 euros in the account of La Caixa 2100 1391 90 0200084585, indicating the initials as sender.
Once the payment has been received, work will be initiated on the consultation carried out and in less than 72 hours the response will be sent to the sender of the email.