Couples Therapy With Cialis & Viagra

The couple therapy is a set of techniques and psychotherapeutic strategies that are intended to help solve the different types of relationship problems that affect couples by using medications for sexual dysfunction like Viagra & Cialis 20mg.

Often, these conflicts are related to a great variety of causes and not to a single one that is clear and isolated: the expectations placed on the relationship, the education of the children, the extended families, the adaptation to the different moments of the life cycle , monotony, distancing, etc. they influence the fact that, more and more, the awareness of the difficulty of developing a satisfactory life together is higher, taking into account that social, work, etc. circumstances. They are also more complex.

The figures of separations and divorces in our country demonstrate this, although we must also take into account couples who, without going through separation, live in a permanent state of vital and emotional discomfort.

The intervention

Couple therapy has been developed with remarkable success since the 50s and has been equipped with a set of therapeutic resources able to help solve some of the most frequent problems between couples.

The work to be developed requires the presence of the couple in all the sessions (except in very specific cases), since it is the couple that suffers the problem and not only its members individually. Then, a professional expert in this type of work establishes a work program, with clear and pragmatic orientations that, once agreed upon with the couple, allows them to start working from the first session.

From this moment, the sessions will be carried out in an interval of two to three weeks between sessions, in order to have time to perform the scheduled tasks.

There is no mathematical way to predict the number of sessions required, but a number between 6 and 15 sessions in total is quite common.