Dretdefamilia-1 Our Institute has a legal service in the field of family law that is integrated by professionals members of the Bar Association of Barcelona.

The main objective of this service is to advise and report on issues that directly affect the family.

We can help you solve your specific doubts about the effects and procedures of the following actions:

Separation, nullity and divorce proceedings. We can mediate with the purpose of trying to reach an amicable solution (separation of mutual agreement) or, when this is not possible, we will defend the fact of obtaining and enforcing their rights before the contrary claims (contentious separation).
Conflicts in de facto couples. In recent years the activity of counseling in de facto couples has increased in relation to their legal separation and the division of common property, the change of attribution of guard and custody of the children of the couple, etc.
Premarital agreements and marriage agreements.
Marital economic regime and liquidation of family assets.
Pension and food claim. Challenges and claims of paternity.
Failure to comply with the visitation regime.